Wise Warrior Women

I belong to a tribe of wise, warrior women. 

Women who despite fear or circumstance do it anyway, keep dreaming anyway, move forward anyway. They are always there to listen, to support to encourage and when the chips are down these women rally!!

When you are deep, believing the lies, they hit you with things like this; 

“Dear Warrior Soul,

You have done the best you could do. Give yourself grace.

You don’t have to hustle for your spot in the world.

You already belong.”


“Dear Hurting Soul,

No more worrying. Let your mind rest.

Live as if you are absolutely beloved

…because you are.”

Alongside these women, 

     I let the lies go, and let them go, and let them go again to live in truth.

     I establish boundaries to protect my peace.

     I feel the fear and keep going anyway.

     I write the story of my hero journey.

     I empower & encourage others.

     I am part of a collective who chooses to see others as simply a beautiful soul.

Would you like to join the tribe?

Are you tired of listening to the voice in your head; comparing & criticizing? 

Are you ready to get back to what truly matters to you?

Just as I would share with you a loved recipe or a favorite book, I share the opportunity to join us at the Gather Round Soul Restoration Retreat

If you have been on the fence about joining us, trust me and just do it! 

We’ll be saving a spot for you.